“A big thank you to Scalp Therapy Scotland. I went back to work and no one even said anything. I’m so happy with the results. It feels great not to wear a hat anymore and looks so good I keep smiling. Life’s good and I’m so glad I had it done, thanks again.”

John, Glasgow

1 Year Top Up Guarantee

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation uses cutting edge medical tattoo technology to create the look of shaved or short hairs by strategically placing pigments that mimic the natural appearance of shaved hair, even in completely bald areas.

Scalp Therapy Scotland is one of Scotland’s leading hair restoration clinics and we can help treat the symptoms of general hair loss, alopecia and scalp scars.

SMP is a cost effective and permanent solution to balding and thinning as it doesn’t require any medication or significant maintenance.

Scalp Therapy Before and After

Delivered over 2-3 sessions this treatment for hair loss, where the technician carefully places pigments into the scalp, creates the look of real hair follicles.

For those without hair in certain areas this allows them to get the shaved head look while those who have thin hair gain the advantage of removing the contrast between natural hair and scalp, making the hair look thicker and denser.


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