Scalp Micropigmentation South Lanarkshire

At Scalp Therapy Scotland we provide Scalp Micropigmentation South Lanarkshire (SMP) to replicate the appearance of hair follicles. This revolutionary technique allows us to use specialist ink and equipment to mimic the appearance of your natural hair. After your treatment any areas of baldness will disappear and you’ll possess a brand, spanking new hairline giving a cropped or shaved look that will never go out of fashion to you.

Scalp Micropigmentation South Lanarkshire

We’ve got a number of different shades of pigment we can use and the equipment we use is state of the art anbd made in Germany, the house of results, gear and SMP excellence.

Our SMP procedures are non- immediate, surgical, scar and drug free so you’ll be walking from our practice on South Lanarkshire having a new hairline after several hours.

Hair Loss Treatment Cost South Lanarkshire

Our SMP treatments range in price from £ 400. We provide a FREE consultation so please get in touch to find out more. When you can send us pictures and we use Skype if you can’t get into the salon but would still like to talk to someone in person we may also conduct consultations by email.

Hair Loss Treatment for a Receding Hairline

Natural place is ’sed by return your hairline to it. You’ll be walking out having a large smile on your own face of the clinic and checking your new hair out in every reflective surface.

Hair Loss Treatment for Balding of The Crown

Bald places are just one of the most ordinary baldness complaints but SMP can fill in the gaps leaving your hair appearing thick and lustrous.

Hair Loss South Lanarkshire

Hair Loss Treatment South Lanarkshire for Complete Baldness

Astonishingly, SMP technology can be used on areas without any hair whatsoever. We {are able to fully redesign your own hair and hairline and have a gallery of pictures for you to peruse before choosing your desired appearance|have a gallery of images for you to peruse before choosing your desired appearance and are able to fully redesign your hair and hairline|have a gallery of can completely redesign hairline and your hair and have a gallery of pictures for you to peruse before selecting your desired appearance.

Hair Loss Treatment South Lanarkshire for Camouflaging Scars

Hair loss South Lanarkshire – Many of our clients look to use SMP technology. The most common form is from hair transplants, which leave what is known as a donor scar on the trunk of the head, but we can treat and camouflage any kind of scar.


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